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Injured by a Paragard IUD? Contact our Paragard IUD Lawsuit Attorneys

Recently, lawsuits have been filed against Paragard alleging that the IUD can break apart inside of the uterus. When this happens, the broken IUD can cause serious complications or even death. Paragard IUD lawsuit attorneys are seeking to help individuals who have been harmed by the Paragard IUD.

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Paragard IUD Lawsuit Attorneys for injured women and their families allege that the Paragard’s manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, created a dangerous medication and failed to instruct doctors on how to remove the implant without breakage. Further, women hurt by the product were not properly warned about the potential implant breakage.

Lawsuits against Paragard manufacturers allege that warnings for Paragard were “vague, incomplete or otherwise whole inadequate” when it came to addressing the actual risks associated with the implant.

Paragard is not the first long-term birth control making headlines for injuring women. Two Bayer contraception products, Essure and Mirena also led to similar injuries and requiring surgery for removal.

What is an IUD?

An IUD or intrauterine device is a small T shaped piece of plastic inserted into the uterus to provide long term birth control. Most IUDs prevent sperm from fertilizing the eggs through the release of hormones.

How is the Paragard IUD different than other IUDs?

The Paragard IUD is hormone free. The copper wire used to wrap the T shaped plastic triggers your immune system to produce an inflammatory reaction that prevents pregnancy. Copper IUDs last longer than hormone-based IUDs, typically about 10 years and are believed to be 99% effective.

Why is Paragard bad?

When a Paragard IUD is implanted and fails, the failure can cause a perforation of the uterus, migration of the device, body inflammation, infection, loss of reproductive health or even death. If an IUD breaks and embeds into the uterus or breaks during removal, surgery may be required.

The Paragard IUD can also fail to prevent pregnancy and cause an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilized egg grows outside of the uterus. This type of pregnancy can cause damage to the other organs of the body and may cause a rupture to the fallopian tube. Having an ectopic pregnancy puts you at risk for another.

A patient may also suffer complications if her doctor has failed to take a complete medical history and doesn’t know that she has an STD, pelvic infection, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, unexplained vaginal bleeding, an allergy to copper or Wilson’s Disease.

Additionally, if a patient has liver disease, thyroid issues, lymphoma, hepatitis, anemia, leukemia, or rheumatoid arthritis, she has an increased risk of copper toxicity. Left untreated, copper toxicity can cause serious complications like heart failure, liver failure, kidney issues, brain damage and death.

Can I be a part of a Paragard IUD lawsuit?

Our birth control defect lawyers are investigating cases of injuries caused by the Paragard IUD. We will review your case for free and determine if you have a claim for damages. If you or someone you love has suffered injuries after using the Paragard IUD for birth control, please contact us today or at 1-888-MEDMAL1 to schedule your free initiation consultation with one of our Paragard IUD lawsuit attorneys. We will fight for the compensation you deserve.