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Other Cases

In addition to the specific categories listed on the Types of Cases page, our attorneys have successfully handled cases involving medication errors, hospital protocol/staffing errors, nerve injuries, prosthetics, HMOs, dental malpractice, bed sores, anesthesia errors, gastric bypass, and more.

Cases in This Category

Cases that fall under this category could involve the following:

Delayed Diagnosis / Undiagnosed

Delayed diagnoses or undiagnosed issues can be catastrophic. In this form of medical malpractice, a doctor or health care provider is unable to reach a conclusion for a patient’s symptoms in an adequate amount of time, or not at all. This could happen due to:

While delayed diagnoses, or undiagnosed issues, are not always a case of medical malpractice, it is important that the patient is clear and accurate with the description of symptoms. Patients must be able to prove that they have taken every possible step to pursue a diagnosis of symptoms or illness.

Failures of Health Care Providers

When seeking medical attention for illness or symptoms, you put your life, or that of a loved one, in the hands of others. While this works out the majority of the time, there are times when a health care providers fail to do their job properly. This includes failure to:

Again, as the patient, it is important to remain vigilant, remaining in the know and asking questions when there is something you do not understand.

Wrong Operation / Wrong Patient

This is one of the very most negligent forms of medical malpractice. Avoidable mistakes such as mixing up documents, where one patient’s records has the data of another’s, while rare, does happen and often with disastrous results.


Neglect can come in several forms, from physical or mental abuse of a nursing home patient to not providing proper care in a reasonable amount of time to a person in the ER or on hospital stay.


Sometimes patients are exposed to bacteria, virus, or other dangerous conditions that can result in complications that are outside the scope of the initial visit.

Dangerous Conditions

An overall increase in the number of illnesses and diseases coupled with understaffing in today’s hospitals can increase the level of dangerous conditions including:

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