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Types of Cases

At Harry S. Cohen & Associates, we have successfully prosecuted medical malpractice cases in virtually every specialty of medicine, from birth injuries (our most frequent area of practice), to surgical errors, to misdiagnoses to emergency room mishaps, etc.

If you have an inquiry in any particular area of medicine, you will be able to identify that area and click through to see actual cases we have successfully pursued in that specialty of medicine or medical setting.

Birth Injury

Sometimes, during labor or delivery, complications arise in which the baby suffers a physical injury.

Shoulder Dystocia

One of the most heartbreaking things a parent can learn is that their baby has sustained a brachial plexus…

Cerebral Palsy

There are few conditions that have the emotional and economic effect of cerebral palsy.


Unfortunately, each year in the U.S. about 25,000 babies, or approximately 68 babies each day, are born…


Medical misdiagnosis can be the result of a physician not considering all of the patient’s symptoms,…

Wrongful Death

In the context of medical malpractice, a wrongful death occurs if the deceased died as a result of negligence.

Emergency Room

Emergency rooms are affected by more instances of medical malpractice than any other area of the hospital.

Surgical Errors

Having to undergo surgery can be frightening, but a surgical error can change a patient forever.

Cancer Cases

Many patients visit their doctors with concerns, only to have their concerns ignored until it is too…

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries, no matter what the cause, can drastically alter and change a person’s life.

Nursing Home

Elderly citizens age 65 and over constitute over 13% of the United States’ population and are now the…

Other Cases

Cases involving medication errors, hospital protocol/staffing errors, nerve injuries, prosthetics, HMOs,…

Defective Products

Many products approved by the FDA have been proven to cause significant harm and even death to patients.