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Nursing Home Injury - Failure to Follow Protocols

CATEGORIES: Nursing Home Other Cases CASE LOCATION: Lawrence Co., PA. CLASSIFICATION: Substantial Recoveries

The Vogley Case

Ms. Vogley was an elderly woman who was residing in a nursing home north of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, she had suffered the effects of a mild stroke, and had difficulty in moving about her room. The doctors and hospital noted that before Ms. Vogley was to be moved, a policy was instituted that required two nurses or two aids to be present in helping to move Ms. Vogley.

Early one day, because the nursing home was short-staffed, an aid came by to change Ms. Vogley’s bed and to move Ms. Vogley. Unfortunately, the aid did not follow the policy and did not call for any help, thinking that she could handle moving Ms. Vogley by herself.

The aid tried to move Ms. Vogley, but she rolled out of the bed and landed on her face, breaking her nose and causing a fracture of the facial bones around her nose and cheek.

The aid immediately called for nursing help and Ms. Vogley was taken to a local ER where she was treated by repairing the broken nose and stopping the bleeding. The fractures of her facial bones were not operated on, but were monitored, and Ms. Vogley was returned to the nursing home for monitoring.

Unfortunately, over the next couple of days, Ms. Vogley’s condition worsened causing her to cough up blood and suffer from the effects of the broken nose.

Over the next ensuing days, Ms. Vogley was taken back to the hospital where she also unfortunately developed an infection and passed away.

Suit was brought on behalf of Ms. Vogley’s estate against the nursing home for the poor treatment she received over the last few days of her life.

After the Complaint was filed, discussions were held with the representatives of the nursing home and a substantial settlement was reached.