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Nerve Injury From Hip Injection

The Yater Case

A 69 year old retired trucker and farmer had a minor out patient procedure. Before being discharged from the recovery room, a nurse gave an intramuscular injection for pain into the plaintiff’s hip. The patient felt immediate severe pain of the hip and down his leg. He complained of numbness of the lower leg with-in 5-10 minutes after the injection. EEG nerve studies later confirmed permanent nerve damage.

The Plaintiff has chronic pain from his pelvis to his calf, constant “tooth-ache” type pain in his foot, foot drop, severe atrophy of the entire right leg, numbness to hot and cold, and numbness on the bottom of his foot. The injury makes negotiating stairs and uneven terrain difficult; he cannot sit or drive for long periods; and has limit his ability to care for his home, out buildings and small farm.

Suit against the hospital alleged that the nurse negligently injected the pain medication directly into the sciatic notch and sciatic nerve rather than the meat of the hip muscle. The hospital settled prior to trial.