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Failure to Treat Clogged Arteries Causing Stroke

CATEGORIES: Misdiagnosis CASE LOCATION: Armstrong Co., PA. CLASSIFICATION: Substantial Recoveries

The Morrison Case

Mr. Morrison was retired from the Pennsylvania steel mills and went to see his primary care physician for a regular visit. A Doppler ultrasound was performed to determine if his arteries were clogged or occluded and if he was at risk for a potential stroke. The ultrasound did show that the arteries were occluded and that medical intervention was necessary; however, the defendant did not follow-up on the results of the ultrasound, nor refer Mr. Morrison for any further treatment. Mr. Morrison returned for several office visits over the next year, but, once again, despite ominous signs, nothing was done about the occluded arteries until Mr. Morrison suffered a devastating neurological stroke.

Mr. Morrison was hospitalized, had some rehabilitation and lived for three more years until he passed away from unrelated causes.

The plaintiffs brought suit in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, alleging that the doctor failed to properly follow-up on the test results.

Prior to trial, the defendant admitted that he did not properly care for or treat Mr. Morrison and that this led to the stroke. Accordingly, trial was held to determine the damages to Mr. Morrison and a jury returned a verdict for a substantial amount in Armstrong County.