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Delay in Performing C-Section Resulting in Brain Injury

CATEGORIES: Birth Injury Brain Injuries CASE LOCATION: Indiana Co., PA. CLASSIFICATION: Multi-Million Recoveries

The Cooler Case

This was the first child for Mr. and Mrs. Cooler. Mrs. Cooler’s prenatal care was uncomplicated. Mrs. Cooler was two weeks past-due when she was sent to the Hospital for evaluation and possible inducement of labor. Mrs. Cooler’s baby girl was born limp and blue after a difficult labor lasting 26 hours. During labor the fetal monitor connected to Mrs. Cooler showed repeated variable decelerations and decreasing variability requiring an emergency low forceps delivery. The obstetrician and the nursing staff failed to recognize the signs and symptoms of fetal distress and failed to perform a timely caesarian section delivery. An earlier c-section would have decreased the baby’s chances of suffering oxygen deprivation and brain damage. Approximately 12 hours after delivery, the baby went into seizures and was transported to another hospital in the neonatal unit. She spent 14 days in NICU.

The baby now suffers profound injuries preventing her from performing normal personal hygiene or completing even the simplest academic task and will prevent her from ever living or working independently. She will require 24-hour care for the rest of her life.

This case settled after mediation.