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Delay in Diagnosis of a Brain Tumor

CATEGORIES: Misdiagnosis CASE LOCATION: Allegheny Co., PA. CLASSIFICATION: Seven Figure Recoveries

The Lewiston Case

This medical malpractice action involved the delayed diagnosis of a brain tumor associated with Diabetes Insipidus and severe growth and hormonal deficiencies. This teenage boy was entering puberty. He saw his Pediatrician for excessive thirst, wakeful nights, headache, vomiting, throat and abdominal pain, retarded maturity of his male genitals, excessive weight gain without corresponding growth in height, and he developed breasts. The Pediatrician failed to perform an indicated fasting blood sugar test, made no referral, and ignored clearly abnormal levels of Sodium, Chloride, Cholesterol and LDH. These abnormal labs were classic indicators of Suprasellar Germinoma triggering Diabetes Insipidus and disrupting his pituitary gland. After several frustrating visits to the Pediatrician, the teen’s mother self- referred to a Pediatric Gastroenterologist who ruled out abdominal/gastric causes and initiated testing that confirmed brain cancer. Radiation resolved the tumor but left the teen with retarded growth, male breasts, and dependent upon growth hormones for life.

This seven figure settlement provided for periodic payments for college expenses as well as funds for ongoing medication needs.