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WTAE Interviews Harry Cohen about UPMC Mold Situation

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PITTSBURGH - It's a story that has many people on edge: Agencies digging into UPMC in the aftermath of the mold outbreak that may be linked to three patient deaths. read more

A John Hopkins study places medical errors toward the top of the list of deaths in the United States

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According to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 65, No. 2, February 16, 2016, a 95 page report based on death certificate data from all 50 states and Washington D.C. filed in 2013, the top three causes of death are noted as Diseases of the Heart, Malignant Neoplasms (cancer), and Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases... read more

Medical Malpractice Jury Verdicts Hit Low

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Medical malpractice jury verdicts have reached their lowest rate statewide since the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania started reporting the figures in 2000, according to data... read more

WTAE Reports on Multimillion Dollar Malpractice Verdict

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KDKA News reports on the Ellen Kander verdict. read more

$5.7 Million Verdict Awarded in Lawsuit Against UPMC

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The husband of a woman who died from liver cancer in 2012 won a $5.7 million jury verdict Thursday (April 9, 2015) for medical malpractice against UPMC and a doctor at Hillman Cancer Center. read more

Pittsburgh VA Sued Over Death, Legionnaires’ Cited

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Pittsburgh Veterans Affairs’ realization in late October that it might have an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease that stemmed from its contaminated water system came a couple weeks too late for at least one Navy veteran. read more

UPMC Transplant Error

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Christina Mecannic just wanted to help her life partner of 21 years, who’d been told by doctors he could die without a new kidney. Mecannic, 40, of Morgan in Greene County underwent surgery on April 6 at UPMC Montefiore to give one of her kidneys to Michael Yocabet, the father of their 18-year-old son. Her act of kindness turned tragic a month later when the couple found out Mecannic is infected with the hepatitis C virus and had unknowingly passed it to Yocabet during the transplant. read more

Unnecessary Heart Stents at Westmoreland Hospital

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Medical reviews at Westmoreland Hospital have determined two cardiologists implanted coronary stents in at least 141 patients who may not have needed them... read more