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Medical misdiagnosis can be the result of a physician not considering all of the patient’s symptoms, ignoring family history, or even misinterpreting test results. Misdiagnosis is a serious issue for patients as it can include a broad range of consequences.

Recoveries involving Misdiagnosis

For most illnesses and medical conditions, a timely diagnosis is the key to a positive result. When a medical condition, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke, is misdiagnosed or given a late diagnosis, patients are unable to take advantage of early treatment options, and therefore, are at a greater risk of harm. Other times, patients can be misdiagnosed with an illness that they do not even have or can be given harmful medications that exacerbate the actual health problem.

Although all medical malpractice cases are complex, misdiagnose cases are particularly complex, as they typically turn on interpretations of highly technical tests, MRI scans, x-rays, laboratory test results, and other medical records. Therefore, success in misdiagnose cases requires an ability to understand this medical data and get to the truth. At Harry S. Cohen & Associates, we have handled numerous medical misdiagnose cases. As skilled trial lawyers, we understand how to evaluate such cases and effectively take on doctors and hospitals, and their insurance companies.

If you feel that you, or someone you love, have been the victim of misdiagnosis malpractice, please contact our firm immediately. Let our caring staff review your case at no charge. We can assist victims of misdiagnosis malpractice and their families receive much needed compensation. We understand that misdiagnosis malpractice injuries change the lives of both victims and their families.