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A regular source of our cases is by referral from lawyers in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, including West Virginia and Ohio. Many of our referring lawyers are themselves trial lawyers who may seek the concentrated expertise our firm offers, particularly in the area of birth injury and other complex medical malpractice issues.

Our Referral Policy: We typically advance all litigation expenses and every referral fee is dictated by the specific circumstances of each case. We have paid millions of dollars in referral fees. The Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct do not limit referral fees by the degree of input from the referral lawyer and all ethical referral fee arrangements are vigorously protected. We have never encountered any dispute about a referral fee in our firm’s history.Our referral fees do not increase the fee for the client. All referral fees are taken as a percentage of our firm’s fee agreement with the client or from the referral lawyer’s fee agreement with the client. After initial contact with a referring attorney, we will never contact a potential client without the referring attorney’s permission.

How We Handle The Referral: We value the relationships with our referral attorneys and work closely with them. We strive to keep our referring attorneys updated on their files and to keep our mutual clients content and well served. We give every case individual attention. We treat each case as a new challenge both medically and legally—because they are. While we have experience reviewing thousands of medical malpractice cases and have successfully pursued many, we continue to recognize that each case is unique and requires specific client attention and new medical research and presents new issues for our expert witnesses. We work diligently to understand the medicine in each case and review the best medical schools across the nation to hire the best experts for your case. We will perfect the legal claims necessary to create a successful case and the best legal theory to make your client whole. We have extensive and varied experience in both state and federal trial courts in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio as well as and appeals courts in each jurisdiction. Our firm has earned a reputation for excellence in this area of practice and we invite you to learn more by following our links to meet our attorneys and read about some of our successful recoveries.