Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be attributed to many different causes, but no matter what the cause, it can drastically alter and change a person’s life. Common types of brain injury are anoxic brain injury, hypoxic brain injury, or traumatic brain injury. Anoxic injuries occur when there is a severe lack of oxygen flow to the brain. Hypoxic injuries occur when the brain still receives oxygen, but not enough. Traumatic injuries occur when a sudden trauma damages the brain.

Brain injuries do not always result in long-term impairment or disability, although the extent and location of damage both have a significant effect on the outcome. In serious brain injuries, the result can be permanent disability, including neurocognitive deficits, speech or movement problems, and mental handicaps. There also may be personality changes. Severe brain damage may result in persistent vegetative state, coma, or death.

Not all brain injuries are immediately obvious after they occur. Commonly, brain injuries are subtle, showing themselves as changes in normal mental capacity, behavior or personality characteristics. Depending on the nature of the brain injury and the extent of brain damage, symptoms can either be mild, moderate or severe. Some symptoms may be seen immediately following the brain injury while others might take several days or weeks to manifest.

In the setting of a medical malpractice case, brain injuries can be caused by a multitude of things including failing to order the appropriate tests in the ER after head trauma, prescribing birth control pills to a woman with hypertension, failing to appreciate the impending signs of a stroke, etc.

In retaining an attorney to represent someone who has had a brain injury, it is imperative to hire an attorney who has vast experience in handling these types of cases. Brain injury litigation is uniquely complex and requires lawyers that are experienced in the medical and legal issues involved.

At Harry S. Cohen & Associates, PC, we have that experience and have seen firsthand the devastating effects a brain injury can have on the life of a patient and their loved ones. We understand that a brain injury can lead to medical bills, loss of employment, loss of life’s pleasure, future medical needs, and around the clock care. We know and work with leading experts in all fields that are required to present your case at trial. Through experience and education, our firm is able to expertly evaluate brain injury case.

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